Divi 4.0 countdown has begun

Honestly, I was about to write a post (a few actually) ranting about how I found Divi Theme from Elegant Themes so limiting in many aspects. And then I received this email newsletter from them informing me of the upcoming release of the next version of Divi theme, the Divi 4.0.

As someone who has seen various updates of Divi ever since I purchased the lifetime license of Divi 3.0, I thought it is again going to be one of those overhyped releases where minor updates are showcased as life changing events. While I do agree that Divi is one of those themes which has made numerous changes over the last few years to constantly improve how the web designers interact with their websites and has made back-end and front-end editing a breeze, it has always been stingy with the features and modules it has provided which really have not changed much recently.

So Divi left you with plain looking Headers and Footers and similar looking layouts. You had to work extra on each and every post or page to give it the look you wanted. And if you wanted to really customise your website to stand out from the crowd, you had to buy expensive third-party plugins or learn a whole lot of CSS and Javascript to do it.

Is Divi 4.0 about to change the way you design your websites?

Short answer is, YES. Now Divi is positioning itself not just as a page builder but as a theme builder.

So how does this affect you as a web designer?

For the first time, Divi is introducing Custom Headers and Footers. You will be able to create your Headers and Footers using standard Divi modules, customise it the way you want them and use them across your site.

Another feature, Site-wide Post Templates promises to let you structure the layout of your post template and use it site wide. I guess/hope this means no more need to save a laboriously created post layout inside your Divi library and then loading it into every newly created post and then removing the sample data to repopulate it with the post relevant data. It is definitely a welcome addition.

Divi 4.0 also promises to extend the same customisation functionality to create product templates, category pages, 404 pages and more. Personally I am excited about this release. How many of my long time complaints will be addressed with this release? Let’s wait and see.

Divi 4.0 is slated to release on 17 October 2019. Don’t forget to visit my blog for a review when it does.

Read more about Divi 4.0 here.

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